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Uplifting Black Men Conference

Uplifting Black Men Conference

The 8th Annual Uplifting Black Men Conference is being held on February 18, 2023

Rethinking Excellence: Resilience and Black Male Success

Black resilience is one of the hallmark attributes of African American culture. It has not only helped us survive racial hostility but has also empowered the Black community to be agents of change in society. 

Traditional standards of excellence primarily focus on outcomes such as grade point average and graduation rates. For Black Male students, the development of strategies for persistence is key to academic success. According to Dr. Bryan K. Hotchkins, Black males who are high-performing students often implement these strategies to support their collegiate goals. For example, engagement in co-curricular activities, taking leadership roles, and making use of support systems like mentoring, are known to increase tenacity. In addition, the cultural experience of resilience within the Black community equips Black males with additional tools and motivation to persist. 

In the 8th Annual Uplifting Black Men Conference, we seek to answer the questions:

  • How do we use cultural resilience to improve academic resilience?
  • How do we encourage our Black male students to share those gifts for the benefit of the community?
  • How can stakeholders cultivate cultural resilience in Black male students?

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