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Tutoring is a free course-specific support for students who want to improve their academic performance, no matter where they start. It should empower students to become independent learners by clarifying course material and teaching students how to more effectively learn, study, and solve academic problems. Tutoring primarily covers first- and second-year STEM courses. Students can meet with tutors individually or in small groups; through appointments, drop-in sessions, or on-demand; in person or virtually. At Virginia Tech, you can become a tutor with the Student Success Center and/or with Knack. Continue reading for the details of both positions.


Tutoring is a paid position with highly flexible hours; you can work more to earn more.

Student Success Center tutors are guaranteed shifts of at least 4 hours per week that start at $12.00/hour for individual tutoring and $13.00/hour for drop-in tutoring, both of which are eligible for three pay raises of $0.50/hour when tutors complete additional training (all training is also paid). Students in the Honors College can also earn honors credit for tutoring with the Student Success Center.

Knack tutors take appointments on demand and are paid $15.00/hour for all appointments they complete.

Eligibility Requirements

The Student Success Center and Knack share many of the same employment conditions:

  • Have authorization to work in the United States
  • Have a B+ or better from Virginia Tech in the courses you would like to tutor
  • Be willing and eligible to tutor at least one or more courses from our list of supported courses
  • Complete online training before beginning to tutor

Student Success Center tutors must also meet these further requirements:

  • Maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or better
  • Maintain a history of good conduct standing and academic integrity
  • Complete CRLA Level 1 certification by the end of your second semester tutoring in order to continue
  • Commit to working in both the fall and spring semesters following your application
  • Tutor at least 4 hours per week during working semesters
  • Attend biweekly staff meetings
  • Participate in biannual fall and spring training days on the first Sunday of each semester

Application Process for Student Success Center Tutors

  • February: Complete the tutor application in Handshake and consider attending an optional info session
  • March: Application review
  • Late March to mid April: Selected applicants will be invited for interviews
  • Mid April to mid May: Preliminary decisions will be made; additional applicants may be invited to interview
  • Late May to early June: Eligibility screenings (including GPA, transcripts, faculty references, and conduct and academic integrity records); decisions will be announced, including conditional acceptances and waitlist notifications
  • Mid June through mid August: Offers will go out to waitlisted students as others drop out or fail to meet requirements

Application Process for Knack Tutors

Head to where you can create a verified tutoring profile, get paid to complete tutor training, and begin helping students.

What We Look For in Tutor Candidates

  • Strong academic skills and habits that you can model for students
  • Ability to clearly explain information in multiple ways
  • Ability to quickly establish rapport with others
  • Being empathetic, patient, compassionate, and wanting to help
  • Believing that anyone can improve regardless of where they start

Benefits of Being a Tutor

  • Earn money with flexible hours
  • Deepen your understanding of academic concepts
  • Build skills in communication, leadership, and problem-solving
  • Make a difference for your peers
  • Join the community of peer educators at Virginia Tech