Tutoring Program

The Student Success Center offers free individual and group tutoring for undergraduate students in some of Virginia Tech's highest-demand 1000- and 2000-level courses. Our program has received all three levels of International Tutor Training Program Certification through the College Reading and Learning Association.

COVID-19 Updates

Beginning Monday, March 23, the Student Success Center’s tutoring services will be offered online instead of in person.

Students can still make, modify, and cancel individual appointments on Navigate as usual. Review sessions are still drop-in and can be located at the Zoom links listed below.

We are in the process of developing additional support options including FAQ pages, subject guides, and asynchronous tutoring. We hope to have these new resources ready by Fall 2020. They will be announced here and over e-mail when they are available.

Thank you for your patience and flexibility as we make this challenging transition together.


Review Sessions

Our tutors host drop-in Q&A sessions for some of our most popular courses. No registration is required, but we do recommend preparing some questions and attending as much of the review session as you can. All review sessions will now take place over Zoom; please see the schedule below for the Zoom links. 

How to attend a Zoom review session
  1. If you have not already set up Zoom, follow these instructions.
  2. Copy and paste the link into a browser.

Review Session Schedule

Mobile device users, view schedule

No sessions during Summer 1!

BIOL 1105
Tuesdays and Thursdays: 12:00 - 2:00 p.m.: https://virginiatech.zoom.us/j/92028813188

No sessions during Summer 1!

CHEM 1036
Thursday, June 4: 1:00 - 3:00 p.m.: https://virginiatech.zoom.us/j/91253321476

Sunday, June 14: 1:00 - 3:00 p.m.: https://virginiatech.zoom.us/j/98209605426

Wednesday, June 24: 1:00 - 3:00 p.m.: https://virginiatech.zoom.us/j/99202104997

Monday, June 29: 1:00 - 3:00 p.m.: https://virginiatech.zoom.us/j/99480848351

Wednesday, July 1: 1:00 - 3:00 p.m.: https://virginiatech.zoom.us/j/97267425426

No sessions during Summer 1!

No sessions during Summer 1!

PHYS 2306
Thursdays: 2:00 - 4:00 p.m.: https://virginiatech.zoom.us/j/91710425766

No sessions during Summer 1!
(Contact us if you want tutoring for MATH 1226)

Individual Tutoring

We offer individual tutoring by appointment for some of our highest-demand 1000- and 2000-level courses in areas such as math, biology, chemistry, physics, business, engineering, and more.

During the summer, individual tutoring is by request only; our default summer service is group tutoring. Please contact us if you would like to set up individual appointments.

Need help? See instructions

How to attend a Zoom individual tutoring appointment
  1. If you have not already set up Zoom, follow these instructions.
  2. You will receive an email confirmation of your Navigate appointment. 
  3. Your email confirmation contains the Zoom link to your appointment. Copy and paste the link into a browser.
Zoom Link in the Navigate Confirmation Email
Unable to find an appointment?

If you are not able to find a tutoring appointment, please fill out this survey to let us know what additional support and resources we need.

Please note: Filling out this survey does not guarantee you an appointment, but it helps us enhance our overall tutoring services moving forward.

Cancelling appointments

If you can no longer attend your appointment, please cancel it through Navigate at least 24 hours in advance. You may also call 540-231-5499 to cancel if Navigate is not working. Now more than ever, we urge you to please cancel unneeded appointments far in advance so that others may access our services. Please refer to the FAQ for more information.