Seminar Series on Academic Success

Seminar Series at The Student Success Center, Virginia Tech


The Student Success Center offers a series of weekly, one hour seminars on a variety of topics related to academic success. The program is designed to provide students with a low pain, big gain opportunity to learn strategies to develop the academic skills and personal attributes needed to be successful at the college level. In addition to providing information on a select topic, the seminar atmosphere offers students the opportunity to interact and ask questions related to their individual concerns about the subject.

All seminars are free!  No pre-registration is necessary, however space is limited so students should plan to arrive early.

Location: 111 Femoyer Hall

Do you ever wish there were just a few more hours in each day? Do you wonder how you’ll ever be able to accomplish everything you need to do? Time management is a challenge for many students, but attending this seminar can help you get organized and learn how to use your time more effectively, leaving time for both school and fun!

  • Monday, January 28 from 4pm-5pm
  • Thursday, February 7 from 5pm - 6pm
  • Thursday, February 21 from 5pm - 6pm
  • Tuesday, March 5 from 4pm - 5pm
  • Monday, March 25 from 5pm - 6pm

Have you ever wondered how, after hours of going over notes and materials, you still can’t remember what you need to know? It turns out that many of the most commonly used learning strategies just don’t work. This seminar will provide you with tips and strategies to make your learning and studying more effective!

  • Wednesday, January 30 from 4pm-5pm
  • Tuesday, February 12 from 4pm-5pm
  • Monday, February 25 from 5pm-6pm
  • Thursday, March 7 from 4pm-5pm
  • Tuesday, March 26 from 5pm-6pm

Do you spend a lot time reading your assignments, but then don’t remember what you read? Does your mind wander or do you doze off when you’re trying to read? When you’re in class, do you have a hard time knowing what to write down in your notes? If you answered yes to any of these questions, attend this seminar! You’ll learn techniques for getting the most from your readings, staying focused, increasing your reading comprehension, memory recall, and note-taking (both in class and while reading).

  • Thursday, January 31 from 4pm-5pm
  • Wednesday, February 13 from 4pm-5pm
  • Wednesday, February 27 from 5pm-6pm
  • Monday, March 18 from 4pm-5pm
  • Thursday, March 28 from 5pm-6pm

Come learn about successful test-taking! In this seminar you’ll learn strategies for preparing for tests, what to do during a test to help you to remain calm and what to do after your test to learn from your mistakes.

  • Tuesday, February 5 from 5pm-6pm
  • Monday, February 18 from 4pm-5pm
  • Thursday, February 28 from 5pm-6pm
  • Wednesday, March 20 from 4pm-5pm
  • Tuesday, April 2 from 5pm-6pm

You try to get your work done, but there’s always a better time. All of a sudden it’s the night before your big test, or project, or paper and there’s not enough time to get it done! You stress out, stay up all night, and turn something in that you know is not your best work. If you’re tired of that routine, come learn how to use your free time more efficiently to get homework done before the final countdown. This workshop will include motivation techniques to get you started early, help to design a study/homework plan to avoid rushing at the last minute, and will debunk the idea that we work better under pressure.

  • Wednesday, February 6 from 5pm-6pm
  • Wednesday, February 20 from 4pm-5pm
  • Monday, March 4 from 5pm-6pm
  • Thursday, March 21 from 4pm-5pm
  • Wednesday, April 3 from 5pm-6pm

Are you stressed out over all the exams, papers, and group projects that will soon be taking up your time? Learn how to stay motivated, manage the stress, and find the time to do all of the things you need (plus some time for fun!). We will also review strategies for effective test taking.

  • Thursday, April 4 from 4pm - 5pm
  • Tuesday, April 9 from 5pm - 6pm
  • Thursday, April 11 from 4pm - 5pm
  • Monday, April 15 from 5pm - 6pm
  • Wednesday, April 17 from 4pm - 5pm
  • Tuesday, April 23 from 5pm - 6pm
  • Thursday, April 25 from 4pm - 5pm
  • Monday, April 29 from 4pm - 5pm
  • Wednesday, May 1 from 5pm - 6pm
  • Thursday, May 2 from 4pm - 5pm

NOTE: If you are a Virginia Tech Student Organization, Resident Advisor, or Department and would like to schedule a Seminar on Academic Success for a time other than those listed below, you will need to submit an online request form at least 2 weeks prior to the proposed seminar date.