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Readmission to Virginia Tech

The Student Success Center is here to assist students who are on academic suspension to successfully re-enroll at Virginia Tech. We work closely with you to help you raise your GPA back to good academic standing.

Transition back to campus

When you are eligible to return, follow these four easy steps for a successful transition back to campus:  

Step 1: Visit Hokie SPA and review any administrative holds (Hokie SPA > Hokie Wallet > Administrative Holds). If needed, please contact the appropriate office to remove your hold.

Step 2: Reach out to your advisor and schedule a meeting to select courses for Spring 2023. Course request for Spring 2023 (Tentative) starts October 18–November 1, 2022. Add/Drop (Tentative) opens November 25, 2022–January 23, 2023. You should meet with your advisor prior to October 18th. Waiting too long to meet with your advisor may result in a lack of course availability. If you do not know who your advisor is, please go to Hokie SPA and click on “View your General Student Information.” If no advisor is listed, please contact University Studies. Consider enrolling in LAHS 1014: Academic Success through Personal Investment and Responsibility (ASPIRE), our academic recovery course designed to support and motivate you in your academic journey.

Step 3: If applicable, please check with the University Scholarships and Financial Aid office to ensure you are in good standing for your return to campus.  

Step 4: Confirm your housing. If you plan to live on campus, log into the StarRez portal and complete your Housing and Dining contract. If you plan to live off campus, consider your off-campus options.

Support services once you are here

Academic Coaching
As a Virginia Tech student, you need perseverance and determination to achieve your academic goals. Our peer academic coaches are specially trained to support you as you navigate obstacles that can get in the way of your academic success; coaching is an individualized approach to getting help with those barriers. Some topics that our coaches can help you with include time management, academic-life balance, learning strategies, study systems, support networks, motivation and achievement, well-being, and self-advocacy. Weekly appointments are available for those interested in a higher level of support and accountability. Learn more: Peer Academic Coaching

Academic Recovery Seminar
LAHS 1014: Academic Success through Personal Investment and Responsibility (ASPIRE) helps students on academic probation and/or returning from academic suspension to develop academic skills, behaviors, and motivation toward success. This course focuses on the development and application of college-level study skills, personal success strategies, and the use of campus resources to enhance individual student achievement. Learn more: Academic Recovery Seminar: ASPIRE

Seminar Series on Academic Success
Our Seminar Series allows you to drop in and learn skills and strategies to support your academic excellence. From Effective Learning Strategies to Overcoming Procrastination, we offer dozens of in-person or virtual sessions throughout the semester. Come get the information you need to improve your academic experience! Learn more: Seminar Series on Academic Success

Great students talk about the content of their classes with others. It’s for this reason that the Student Success Center offers individual and drop-in group tutoring sessions at no additional cost. These sessions are designed to provide content support in your classes. Students make and keep their own appointments and can see a tutor in-person or virtually by selecting their preferred modality. Learn more: Individual and Group Tutoring

Need additional help? 

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