Dear Parents and Guardians:

We often find that you have questions about how to support your student's success. We've developed this page in hopes of providing some of those answers.  We encourage you to have open conversations with your student about their successes and struggles, and find out how they would like you to support them. Listed below are some questions you can use to start those academic success conversations.

Questions that parents or guardians can ask their students:

  1. What are your academic goals for the semester? Students should have academic goals for the semester which will help them stay focused.  Goals are important because their give students a purpose for their time.  They can also serve as a motivator.  What grade does your student expect at the end of the semester?  Is that a realistic grade based on their previous performance and/or talent in that subject matter Setting goals is a life skill that students can translate into many areas of life.

  2. Do you have a time management tool? Time management and goals go hand-in-hand.  A time management tool can help your students stay on track and achieve the goals he or she has set.  In the long run, being organized will save your student time.   Some of the best time management tools can be found on your computers and cell phones.  Encourage students to take advantage of technology to help with time management.   Of course, traditional paper planners are also a good tool and can be purchased most anywhere.

  3. Do you have a place to study? Having a consistent place to study is important.  A study location should be a place where a student can concentrate with limited distractions.  There are many study locations on campus including Newman Library and Torgersen Hall.

  4. Have you visited your professors during office hours? Students should take advantage of office hours in order to make a connection with their professors.  Office hours are held specifically for students to come and ask questions.  Some reasons for attending office hours are to seek help on an assignment, to ask for clarification on a classroom policy, or to inquire about a potential major. Some professors will have open hours listed on their course syllabus, which means the student can drop in during that time. Others will require the student to make an individual appointment.

  5. Are you attending class? This may seem like an obvious question, but students sometimes need to be reminded about the importance of attending class.  There is information that is often relayed only in class such as changes in due dates and the syllabus as well as significant information that could be on test.   

  6. Have you utilized the services offered by The Student Success Center? The Student Success Center offers many services to help students achieve their academic goals.  We offer free tutoring services and academic skills seminars. We also work with students individually on skills development.

  7. How do you manage stress? Stress can result in a number of problematic symptoms when it’s not dealt with properly.  Ask your student to identify their early warning signs of stress.  Then make sure they have a healthy outlet for relieving stress whether it’s regular exercise, relaxation techniques, or journaling.


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