The Student Success Center offers a variety of academic recovery programs to assist students who are on academic probation or returning from academic suspension.  Students can participate in one or more of the options that vary in terms of the time commitment, ranging from attending our one hour seminars on academic success, to participating in a semester long program that meets weekly.  Information on each program is highlighted below. 
Regardless of the option(s) chosen, students are highly encouraged to make a commitment to their academic recovery by developing a Individual Plan for Academic Success (IPAS). When completed, the plan will outline the student’s academic and personal goals for the semester, as well as specific actions that will facilitate the achievement of semester goals and good academic standing.

 For additional information and tips on how to develop an individual plan, go to:

Individual Plan for Academic Success (IPAS)
The Student Success Center professionals are available to meet individually with students to help them design a plan for success that meets their individual needs.  Students should also consult their academic dean and/or academic advisor when developing an IPAS. 

Student Success Center staff members are available to meet with students individually to help them design a plan for success and provide academic counseling that meets their individual needs. These meetings typically occur on a weekly basis, but can be flexible depending on the student’s needs/schedule.


Academic Coaching at Virginia Tech can help students:

>    Create an individualized plan to achieve success
>    Identify potential challenges and obstacles, and connect with resources
>    Gain specific skills that will assist in achieving goals (i.e. test taking skills, time management, study plans)
>    Reflect on progress 

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