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Consider whether you have any of the following difficulties or concerns.
Do you...

>    have difficulty finishing reading assignments?
>    have difficulty understanding or being able to explain what you have  just read?
>    have difficulty with the vocabulary in your reading assignments?
>     have any concerns about reading speed or comprehension?

We have...

>    diagnostic testing to help determine reading rate, vocabulary level and comprehension level.
>    follow-up to the testing.
>    guidance and follow-up for academic challenges brought about by reading difficulties.
>    note-taking and study strategies for more effective reading comprehension.

The  Student Success Center administers the Nelson-Denny Reading Assessment to help students evaluate their vocabulary level, reading comprehension level and reading rate.  The Nelsen Denny Reading Test is offered by appointment only.

>     The assessment takes approximately 45 minutes to complete.
>     Test is given on an as needed basis, by request.
>     Students must be here at the time the test is scheduled to start.
>     Late arrivals will not be admitted once the test begins.

Please register by using the link below and select three dates and times you'd like to take the test. After completing the assessment, you will make a follow-up appointment with the program coordinator to discuss the scores and possible strategies for improving reading effectiveness.


CLICK HERE to register


Additional information on seminars about effective reading strategies can be found on our Seminar Series on Academic Success  webpage.



For more information, contact Sachiel Mondesir at 231-5499



If you are an individual with a disability and desire an accommodation, please contact our office at 231-5499 during regular business hours at least 10 business days prior to the event.